Dear reader, thank you for spearing your valuable time to visit my blog. Let me introduce bit about myself. I’m Hayesha Somarathne from Kandy, Sri Lanka and a graduate from Faculty of Information Technology, University of Moratuwa. I started contributing to Sahana FOSS Disaster Management Project after joining LSF.

The current chapter of my life is mainly focused on understanding the world around me. Compared to the days of schooling now I understand that there are lots of things that are out there that I have to explore and understand about what they are and how to deal with them. Frankly speaking I consider that every human being should have something that he(or she) loves to do in his life because then only that person feel the real value of life.

In my life there are few people that I inspired prior to my parents and teachers, they are:

I think I’m very lucky to born in Sri Lanka, a country that offers free education until you finish your B.Sc. degree and most of other social benefits free of charge. Today the world we live in is mainly focused on the information we know and the things we can understand around us.

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