Two years have passed

Looking back into the past two years I spend in the industry getting graduated with a B.Sc. in IT, it gave me a chance to experiment on what I learnt in the uni. The period that I spent in the university was so exciting and adventurous, where I got the chance to get involve with some interesting research projects, one project that contributed to the well being of the global community while another one had military involvement. I was so fortunate that during all those involvements I got the privileged to work under the reputed professionals in the industry.

Although the place I joined first didn’t worked out well but there was this one project that I got involved gave me the opportunity to learn and do what I was actually spending most of my free time during the university. The project was all about controlling the presentation layer of the Web Browser using CSS (theming more than 600 websites with 400 to 500 pages per site on top of Drupal CMS using Zen theme and Zenophile module). Initially I got an excellent insight into CSS and Drupal framework from Chris Craig, who spent a couple of weeks with our team. Every time the designers were coming up with crazy and elegant designs which we have to port them back into the newly created Drupal sites without failing to miss a single dot and even missing the slightest fraction of the layout of the components including IE 6, 7 and 8, which was a nightmare in the beginning. Within a month time I managed to release two conversion per week.

As a principal I always try to be honest and straight with what I know, but unfortunately it didn’t worked out well for me with my boss. He always tried to fool me and cheat me in many occasions. So after spending more than one year with them I decided that the time has come to say goodbye. So I took the decision to leave the place and gave them two months advance notice. Next stop was the place where I currently working. Initially the environment was somewhat similar to my previous place but since the entire team consists of energetic young blood, so because of that everybody had our own strengths and weakness where we fought each other over that. But the interesting part of it is that the project (which I’ll discuss about it in the future, but if things turned out well it will be a thing that we all can be proud of for all the hardship we went through) in front of everybody was way beyond our radar. Which I believe that was the reason behind all that. Fortunately our team was blessed with a futuristic and generous management so the things didn’t went bad, instead we got a new light to our team. With this project I’ll be able to explore into various technologies where I’ll never even be dream of, if not which will at least take me more than five years or so.