Goodbye Ravindra

Beginning of June Ravindra is leaving for Canada with his wife, he has been very helpful to all of us at Sahana lab for many years giving necessary guidance and being a mentor to us in many ways. He has always be a brother to us, wish him a enjoyable, prosperous life ahead.


Development of Respere site

During the last couple of month I got a chance to develop the official web site for Respere, a company that excels in providing solutions based on the SAHANA.

I choose the Joomla as the CMS for the development because due to the limited time and had a grate experience during the period because it was my first ever web site did entirely by myself, and my previous efforts were contributing to the development stuff of my friends. I found that Joomla is a very handy CMS when it come to rapid development of a web site because we could find lots of components available freely at One stop Joomla, which made my life easy. Along with it I loved to work with WordPress as well.


Use of “Shift+F11” with Opera

Couple of months earlier, I got to develop the CSS page for the moble devices, and for that I searched for a suitable application test the system(SAHANA) with the mobile Style Sheet. Later I found that the Opera Web Browser has the ability to provide the required mobile environment. The switching among regular version and the mobile version can be achieved by clicking the following combination of keys “Shift+F11“. Following is an illustration of how it works, for this I have used the web based SAHANA FOSS Disaster Management System.
Normal view of the system

Mobile version view of the system