Google summer of Code 2008

This year also the Google Inc has come up with the competition that gives the talented developers a chance to get involve and contribute to world’s leading free and open source software projects. This competition act as the meeting ground for most of the people in the development of free and open source software world. At the moment students can register themselves to select any project to put their ideas through proposal. As today was the initial deadline for students to submit their and now it has been extended till 7th April. This time I’m put a proposal to SAHANA project to develop a Dynamic Theming Management functionality, to a area which the system haven’t explore into.


Last days of Internship at LSF

It has been nearly six months since I started my internship session as LSF under the project SAHANA, by the end of this week it will be over. By looking at the six month period spend with SAHANA community it was one of the greatest opportunities I had in my life, because I got the opportunity to attend several workshops, seminars, etc along with the regular work. During that period I got a chance to meet father of Free Software Movement Richard M. Stallman and joined for a meal with him with the SAHANA team here at heart of Colombo and got a rare opportunity to represent SAHANA team and present the world famous SAHANA system at the seminar where RMS gave his speech at SLIIT. To my knowledge it was his first visit to Sri Lanka and not sure whether he’ll gets a chance to come here and hope he’ll visit us again.

Apart from that I got the opportunity to have hands-on experience with the famous OLPC, which was originated at MIT by Nicholas Negroponte, which gave the under privileged children of third world countries the opportunity to stretch their hands to reach into the information technology resource. Which I think helps to bridge and reduce the gap between richer and poor on digital divide to a certain extend.

Overall joining to LSF during my internship session gave me opportunities to research into vast areas of technologies and it led me to develop a new library using JavaScript to facilitate the generation of a printable form out of the available web form which can be used for data collection and the scanned image of that form can be directly fed into a Optical Character Recognition application. I would like to thank each and every member of the LSF and the SAHANA community for their support and guidance given to me.