Bradby Shield Encounter

This year marked the 65th rugby encounter of The Bradby Shield against Trinity Lions and Reid Avenue boys (Royalists). It’s a very important event in Sri Lankan school rugby calender as well as for all the Trinitians and Royalists. Most of them make sure they never miss its excitement and glory, although they are abroad. It consists of two legs, one being played in the Royal College stadium in Colombo, and the other in Bogambara stadium, Kandy. The winner is decided on the aggregate of the scores from these two matches, usually played a few weeks apart. The first historic match between each other was played on July 31, 1920. and to this date Trinity had won most of the encounters by wining 35 while Royal had bagged 29 and a single tie in between.

In the 65th encounter, The Bradby Shield was won by Royal beating Trinity with a score of 53 points to 27 points. At the end of first leg at Kandy score board was Royal 22 points and Trinity 12 points and here at Colombo the Royal capitalized on their lead and went on to score another 31 points while Trinity managed to score 15 points on the board.



Unix the revolutionary OS turns 40

Forty years ago, Ken Thompson wrote a small operating system that eventually got named as Unix. An article at ComputerWorld describes the history, present, and future of what could arguably be called the most important operating system of them all. ‘Thompson and a colleague, Dennis Ritchie, had been feeling adrift since Bell Labs had withdrawn earlier in the year from a troubled project to develop a time-sharing system called Multics. They had no desire to stick with any of the batch operating systems that predominated at the time, nor did they want to reinvent Multics, which they saw as grotesque and unwieldy. After batting around some ideas for a new system, Thompson wrote the first version of Unix, which the pair would continue to develop over the next several years with the help of colleagues Douglas McIlroy, Joe Ossanna and Rudd Canaday. During its 40 years the Unix got evolved into many different versions and it made way to various modern operating systems that facilitate the world to do wonders specially in the fields of military, research, education, etc…

Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie