GSoC mentor for Sahana Project this Summer

Sahana has once again got selected to participate in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) for 2009. Sahana got selected as 1 of 150 out of about 400 organizations who applied this year. This is a strong testament to the reputation that Sahana has built up of the last few years and the great success that we have had as part of this program previously.
The projects selected to work on Sahana for GSoC 2009 can be found at

Sahana project received 45 applicants from eight different countries this year for only 10 spots. Although out of total of 1000 slots the Sahana project got itself the privileged to have 10 slots registered under its name when majority of the projects got the opportunity to have around 6 to 7.
Sahana community congratulate both those who are able to bring into the GSoC program as well as all the other applicants as the field of candidates was truly outstanding. Sahana community look forward to working with these students throughout the summer and hope to form relationships that last for years to come for Sahana and the Humanitarian ICT communities. As the Sahana community, I would like to thank all the students who have applied for this program and apologize others that we were only able to accept such a limited number.

This summer I’ll be mentoring the Dynamic Theme Manager where the student is Akshit Sharma form India, and co-mentoring the SahanaOCR project which is done by Gihan Chamara form Sri Lanka for Sahana project, so I’m looking forward to have a summer full of excitement and fun.


Sinhala & Tamil New Year

Annually on 13th and 14th of April all the Sinhalese and Hindus in Sri Lanka celebrates the Sinahala and Tamil New year. This cultural ceremony has its history runs back to the ancient days of Sri Lankan.

This is the only cultural events that brings together the family members under one roof, its also gives the chance to teach our traditional Sinhalese customs to younger generation. This is the only time that we all get the chance to see and get involve with traditional games(Gudu, Angampora, Ankeliya, etc…) and activities.