Shell Workshop at LSF lab by LKLUG

Last weekend LKLUG community conducted a workshop on Shell Scripting at LSF lab. It has been sometime after the last workshop done by them so I’m happy to say that I got a chance to meet and talk with the GNU/linux geeks and gurus in Sri Lanka. And I also got a chance to be a part of organizing the event. It was a two day sessions covering up various usages of shell scripting in getting the routine work automated and its basics. Since I had just a brief idea and a short experience with the shell scripting, it was a grate help and a guidance for me to expand my understanding.

We had sessions on introduction up to advance features of shell scripting, how to play with your images using ImageMagick tools, effectively handle Regular Expressions with shell scripting, log rotation and the use of iptables.

The sessions were conducted by Anuradha Ratnaweera , Bud, Sanjeewa Wijerathne and Sapumal. I would like to thank everybody for organizing such an event and making it a success.


NOKIA n99i, is it a real NOKIA?

I used AMOI M636 phone more than one year and I had a very pleasant experience with it because it had all the features that I was looking for in a phone to a reasonable price, but unfortunately last December I lost it. After that I had to spend two months borrowing a phone form a friend. One day while I’m on my way to the university I saw this phone named NOKIA n99i at a local shop. Next day I spend some time searching information about the phone model and I couldn’t find any details from the NOKIA’s official web site and some of the leading online phone sellers. So I decided to look for it and I found out that the phone is manufactured at China. After going through its features I decided to go for it though it is not original because the price is very reasonable when compared with other phones in the market having similar features. Some of its cool features are as follows:

So I decided to explorer more into it. By using the following code *#06# I got the IMEI code and going through it I found that the phone has been manufactured in its original company (I got 00 as the 7th and 8th digits). I managed to find that the phone is most likely belongs to Motorola Brand according to the application which I found in the following link.⊂=imeinr

There I only had to give the IMEI code generated from the phone when I dial *#06#. So if you are also a user of NOKIA n99i and know more information about, I would be grateful if you can share it with me.

Status with OCR friendly form

With my previous two posts I discussed my progress with the development of the OCR friendly web form. Just to summarize the progress I have gain with the development, currently with this new feature SAHANA Web page is regenerated into a form that can be directly fed into the OCR module to extract data according to its data extraction mechanism, and during my first approach I mainly used CSS and images to layout the required components when the page is subjected to print mode. But this approach had the limitation of manually enabling the browser setting to print the background images and colors, and I had to incorporate considerably larger images with the CSS. Currently I’m developing a mechanism using JavaScript and CSS leaving behind the images to generate the required from out of the Web page, this functionality will only be available for the pages where the user needs to give input values to the system.

With my approach I’m traversing through the DOM to extract the required XHTML elements and their respective values (such as legend, label, input fileds, select, textarea) and regenerating the elements on the same page according to the OCR friendly layout. Currently I’m in the process of identifying and categorizing the elements according to their purpose and importance to come up with a suitable label layout. Herewith I’m attaching two images to show how it will looks like when I apply the feature to a page.
Normal web page

Sahana FOSS Disaster Management System

Sahana FOSS Disaster Management System


Generated OCR friendly form
Sahana FOSS Disaster Management System XForm Library

Sahana FOSS Disaster Management System XForm Library