Google Analytic user action tracking inside Flash

Recently I got the chance get involve with the development of the site called I Call Mine. It is a Flash based interactive site that was dedicated for males, focusing on helping the medical practitioners in UK to getting an understanding of the terms used by males to call their big fella in general.

The site collects the user’s choice and displays it with respective to the region as a word cloud. In the meantime the client wanted to track the user’s interaction on the site through Google Analytics as well. In this effort we refer the method introduced by Evan Mullins to integrate the event tracking functionality of Google Analytics to the Flash application.

Additionally have to make sure to set the parameter of allowScriptAccess to always when embedding the Flash object to the Web page. You can find more information over here. I have to specially thank Anjana for his time and effort on this.

Once the event tracking code is in place you’ll be able to monitor the site’s user activity through Google Analytics page. As soon as you Sign-in to the account it shows the general statistics of the site on the Dashboard – refer the first image below. To monitor the activity of the event tracking navigates along the left side navigation to Content section. Once inside that you’ll get a section called Event Tracking which displays an in details view of the event tracking used inside the Flash application – please refer the second image below.


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