OSCommerce and Paypal

I wanted to integrate Paypal payment facility to an osCommerce web solution. Although the default osCommerce solution is geared with a paypal module but it had limited functionality. But I had to provide the Paypal IPN validation for each successful transaction.

osCommerce logoWith little bit of searching I found that osCommerce has a massive collection of freely downloadable addons to leverage its functionality. In there I found an addon that fits my exact requirements: Paypal IPN.

Paypal logoThe Paypal site provides a clear and comprehensive knowledge base on how to integrate Paypal payment scheme(s) to our existing web solution in an easy to understand manner. It also maintains a comprehensive documentation, SDKs, an API reference, etc.. to guide both developers and normal users to fulfill their requirements with minimum effort.

As a developer once you have successfully set up the Paypal payment scheme in the site use Paypal Sandbox test environment to test the functionality before releasing it for live operations. First create a Paypal Sandbox account. Next create a merchant(seller) account and some customer(buyer) accounts using Test Account tab. Each account is entitled to a bank account, credit card, some cash. Now test the payment process using this test environment.

Inside Test Account tab in the Paypal Sandbox it lists all the available accounts(merchant or seller and customers or buyers) and below that is a button called Enter Sandbox Test Site, that opens the test environment. Based on the account type can set and alter the parameters to meet the requirements.
eg: To provide the return url of the merchant’s shop for both default Paypal addon and Paypal IPN addon: My account » Profile » Website Payment Preferences

eg: To send the IPN to the merchant’s shop: My account » Profile » Instant Payment Notification Preferences


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