One mission Accomplished, what next?

The past four and half years was the most enjoyable and the productive years of my life. In this time I had all the freedom to explore into many areas of the society as a university student. This period left me many memorable things and also gave me the chance to decide what I’ll do in the future. Most of the occasions people welcome us so warmly and corporate well in most activities where normal citizen would had to put an extra effort do the same activity. In a way I’m so lucky that I was so fortunate to continue my higher education in the field I’m interested in and earn a degree from a state owned university. During this endeavor I got opportunities to share what I have learn for the benefit of the society both local(SLAF) and international(Sahana) activities.

Now the time has come for me to think and work in a more responsible manner because most of what I’ll do will have a bigger impact to my future. As a start I have to find a sufficient income to support my own expenses rather continue to put that burden on my parents. I was successful in getting over that, within a month time, completing the degree I found an exciting and challenging place to work. Its has been almost two months has passed since I join the company. It was very challenging where I got the opportunity to work directly with a client and carried out development of a software system. My target was to built a web based system that helps the parties (customers, salesmen, owner, manufacturers, suppliers, etc.. ) to carry out their tasks in a user friendly and with minimum effort. It was a very challenging task for me because I had to learn many things. Luckily for me the client (Stuart) I was contacting has worked as a software developer, so this helped me a lot in all means of activities. My deadline for the completing of the projects is only two weeks ahead. Looking at the progress so far I have achieved I believe that target is achievable. šŸ™‚

During the latter part of October I did a presentation at a local conference for a research carried out for the Sahana project. The presentation was grate success. Fifteen papers were presented at the conference covering various fields such as Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering. Sahana is a project that focuses on building a versatile tool for post disaster/emergency management activities in the world with the collaborative effort of dedicated volunteers from all around the world.


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