Sri Lanka reunited under one flag

In the current era Sri Lanka is the only country that had the courage and determination to wipe out the terrorism and I hope rest of the world will take this as an example and act wisely to have a world free form brutal terrorism.

My grate country

My grate country

18th May 2009 is a historical day for all the Sri Lankans because it marked the end to the brutal barbarism carried out by the LTTE terrorists, putting my motherland to hell. I’m extremely happy to say that we’re so fortunate to have a grate leader with true and unbiased determination that leads our country to peace and prosperity and equally brave security forces(Army, Air Force & Navy) that made it a reality. It was a war that lasted for past 3 decades causing grate misery to all the Sri Lankans ruining our country’s glory and prosperity. We are a free nation reunited under one flag, long live Sri Lanka.


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