Recall the activities carried out by ‘intecs’

As this is my first article about the society of ‘intecs‘ in the faculty, so let me give a brief introduction. The primary focus of the society is to act as a bridge to strengthen the relationship with the industry and the students, through various activities like Industry visits, Tech-Talk series, peer-to-peer sessions, educational seminars, etc as well as to provide facilitates like access to books and magazines through the ‘intecs Resource Center’.

I began my tenure as President of Information Technology Society – intecs little less than a year ago and we as a team have remained steadfast in our goal: to continue conducting quality programs that strengthen the relationship with the industry and the students and the emerging challenges of the field of Information Technology. Following is a quick look at the activities we did:

Workshop at Virtusa Corporation

This event which was targeted for the benefit of the 7th batch who were in there 1st year during that time, was organized keeping in mind of the level of exposure of the newest of our students. All of them were fresh out of their A/Ls and enthusiastic of the degree programme, we believed that it was important for them to feel the culture of the industry which they would eventually be groomed for.

Tech-Talk Sessions

This programme was specially targeted for Level 2 (batch 6) students, and for those who joined the industry for their Industrial Training. Through Tech-Talks, we mainly target topics, which are most related to the academic curriculum. The Virtusa Corporation joined hand with us in providing a team of professionals to visit our university and it went for a one whole week.

Guest Lecture Sessions

Had the opportunity to conduct several sessions with industry professionals, where they spoke to us on diverse topics covering the emerging areas, trends, opportunities, etc.

Seminar on Postgraduate Academic Opportunities @ NUS

The seminar was conducted by Dr. Damith Chathura Rajapakse, a lecturer from National University of Singapore. His presentation helped the students to educate themselves on how to overcome the problems they face while seeking for postgraduate studies, such as:

  • Financial implications of an extended period of studying (“I want to study more, but I cannot depend on my parents any longer; It’s about time I get a job, start a family, and settle down”)
  • Lack of information about available funding opportunities
  • Difficulties in meeting the admission criteria (taking GRE/TOEFL, writing research proposals, contacting supervisors, getting reference letters etc.)
  • The mistaken belief that …
    • … higher degrees are useful for academic careers only
    • … you need “contacts” to get admitted to postgraduate programs
    • … you cannot do higher degrees without a first class

This seminar was a valuable opportunity for those how are planning to continue their higher studies.

intecs Resource Center

This is one of the major project I undertook at the society while I was a Committee Member and I managed to grow it further with more books and magazines as the president as well. Many individuals helped me on this, specially I should thank Dr. Aith Madurapperuma and all other lecturers of the faculty for the support and guidance granted in favour of me. Current the resource center has around 500 odd books covering most of the areas related to our degree curriculum and English novels. These days I’m working on with shifting it to a permanent place in the new faculty premises.

intecs goes online

Filling a hole that intecs had for sometime, finally we are online. Through this we are planing to reach out into new areas and opportunities while giving a clear picture to the world about the activities we are carrying out.

Other Activities

We gave a hand for organizing the party conducted for the freshers in the faculty and gave a financial sponsorship for the first Carrier Fair organized at our faculty. As a society we always focused on giving our fullest corporation to activities done by the students although it didn’t go with our primary focus.


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