Prestigious Committership in Sahana Project

If I look back it has been more than a year has gone since I join LSF as an intern, prior joining LSF I was a passive member of the Sahana community going through their discussions on the mailing lists and the code base to understand what are their main objectives of the project and how the system being developed. During my freshman year Mifan was one of my senior, where we were office bearers of one of the societies(intecs) in our faculty, whom I got to know about the Sahana project. Later I got to know that he was one of the founding members of Sahana project. During that year and the next I got the chance to attend to several seminars and workshops conducted by the FOSS enthusiasts in Sri Lanka. That motivated me towards contributing towards the FOSS projects in the world. Luckily for me I got this great opportunity to be a part of Sahana community and share my ideas and what I know for the betterment of the society.

I must tell you that the internship period I underwent at LSF taught me many things and it gave me an opportunity to explore into various fields. Most of the people I saw and met in the seminars and workshops which I attend was part of the this community and they all had a common goal that drives them forward, that is to promote the use of FOSS among the community (Specially the opportunity I got to meet Richard M. Stallman). The period of six months passed without even noticing, once again I got busy with my university work, meanwhile I tried my best lending my contribution towards the project. I’m happy to said that this week I got myself promoted as a Sahana Committer of the community, which is one of the prestigious positions to hold in a FOSS community project. I must thank all for their wonderful help and guidance granted in favor of me from the first day I join the Sahana community until to this day.


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