Faculty’s new home

Just at the beginning of new millennium, in 2001 our faculty of Information Technology under the wing of University of Moratuwa unleashed a new ground in educational excellence. Through the years the pioneering spirit of those founders has remained strong within the university. This year, 2008, the Faculty of Information Technology enters its 7th year of existence from a position of strength as the nation’s 1st institution of higher education in the field of Information Technology in the state university system.

I am proud to see that the most of our seniors who have already passed out from the faculty have established their selves as professionals in highly recognized companies, in spite of the fact that they come out of a newly established faculty, and thereby mark on their excellence which in turn reflects on the faculty.

This is an especially exciting time for our faculty, as many of the dreams we have envisioned are coming into reality. The Faculty has just moved to it’s own ‘home’ after 7 years, giving everybody the feeling of a family moving onto one single home after spending several years in a scattered manner. With its high-tech capabilities and its versatility as an educational, research-oriented, and cultural hub, this new building complex will bring the faculty of Information Technology to a whole new level of excellence for which the entire world would put their hands together.


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