Seminar on Post-graduate Opportunities @ NUS

About a one and half months back I got the contact of Dr. Damith C. Rajapakse, lecturer at NUS through one of my senior lecturers. With a background study I found that he has done his undergraduate studies at the university I’m following my degree course.

In our faculty we have a society called “intecs”, mainly focus on strengthening the relationship among students and industry conducting workshops, seminars, guest lecturers, etc… As a part of that we as intecs took the task of coordinating the visit of Dr. Damith C. Rajapakse, from NUS. With several email conversations I managed to arrange his visit to university on 28th August.

On 28th August faculty moved to our new home, a building complex equipped with all the modern facilities and we as a society was so fortunate that we got the chance to conduct the first event in the building just after the opening ceremony.

During the seminar Dr. Damith C. Rajapakse gave us an introduction to the life at Singapore and at NUS, what facilities are there and the opportunities available for students like us. His seminar gave us valuable information on how to select courses, available scholarships and what are the requirements we need to fulfills before applying to M.Sc. or PhD.


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