Trip to Bandarawela

Last weekend eleven of us in the university headed to Bandarawela for a small vacation, at the end of this semester some of our friends leaving the faculty finishing their studies and we didn’t went on a trip for about a year. We selected to go to Bandarawela by train mainly to experience the beauty of upcountry, the train left Petta(Colombo) station at 2015 hours on Friday and reached Bandarawela at about 0700 hours next day.
After getting off from the station we directly headed for a place to have the breakfast, we had string hoppers and bread, I would like to specially mentioned the taste of the bread because its very had to find the same taste elsewhere. After breakfast we headed for our resting place, which we had to travel about two kilometers from Bandarawela towards Walimada. The place was called “Thimersland Holiday Home”, it had enough place for all of us to stay the way we want and the owner of the place is very corporative.

After resting for about a hour we went for a walk to explore the place around us, the place is situated in a tea estate, later we found out that a stream of water is flowing next the place, and we tried to reach that place but unfortunately on the way most of us got attacked by leaches so we had to abandon it. later we decided to climb a mountain near our resting place. On the way we came across the stream which we tried to reach previously, we stayed there for sometime and continue our journey. While walking we came across paddy field and a human habitat, with their guidance we managed to climb the mountain easily. Upper part of it is totally covered with Pine trees. We reached our resting place around 12 o’clock and it was the time for lunch. After the lunch we could not got out because it rained for about two hours so I had a small nap. Later in the evening we decided to have a barbecue, some of us we to Bandarawela town to purchase the necessary food items for the barbecue and a fruit salad for the dinner. We prepared the salad for dinner and enjoyed the barbecue along with music until the dinner is ready. On Sunday we headed Colombo since we have to attend lectures on Monday.


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  1. Zaharan said,

    June 7, 2008 at 5:23 am

    A nice article.

    Bandarawela is a very beautiful place, the ideal location for a vacation.

    Would love to see pictures taken over there, kindly forward them to my email.



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