OCR friendly auto generated form with SAHANA

During this week I mainly dedicated most of my time to finish the development of the OCR friendly auto generated form and by Friday I managed to achieve it successfully. From the previous week’s work I had a big problem of finding a method of placing the background images within the web page when it is subjected to print mode. So I googled a lot to find a successful method, after a long search I found several methods that explained ways to place background images but most of them didn’t not showed me a possible solution that meets my requirements, and at last I found that the browsers by default hide the background images and colors when the page is subjected to the print mode and we can manually enabled that feature in the respective browser.

You can enable it as follows:

  • Firefox browser
    • Goto File > Page Setup
    • Select the tab Format & Option
    • Enable Print Background(colors & images)
  • Internet Explorer
    • Goto Tools > Internet Options
    • Select the tab Advance
    • Enable Print background colors & images under Printing option

So after finding this feature with the browsers I finished the development and currently the functionality is there 100% with the FF Web Browser and I’m experiencing minor issues with IE and with few modifications I’ll be able to get it done.

Printable OCR form

Printable OCR form

Source: http://sahana.lk


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