My experinces with Richard M Stallman(RMS)

The week was full of activities and I must tell you that I was so fortunate enough to meet the father of Free Software Foundation Mr. Richard M Stallman, during his first visit to Sri Lanka. I first saw him at ICTA delivering a speech, after that he had lunch with us(SAHANA team).

RMS and SAHANA team

RMS and SAHANA team

After the lunch he played us several songs which he loved. I experienced that he loved traditional music of various countries rather modern fast music tracks, and there he played us the song which he took the music for his famous free software song. He told us that he found it very hard to get used to Sri Lankan food because in this part of the world people preferred having more chillies with meals.

During his short stay he has got the chance to visit Polonnaruwa, Anuradhapura, Sigiriya and Kandy, cities which are famous among local and foreign visitors for its rich ancient values. He was very impressed about the monuments saw at Sigiriya.

On 18th Friday he attend a seminar at SLIIT, In his speech he explains the importance and benefits we can gain by using free software, specially in the fields of education and social welfareand I believe that it is a best resource for us to make use of as a developing nation. I got myself an opportunity to present the project (SAHANA) at this seminar along with Ravith. I was my first public presentation apart from the ones did at university and I was so fortunate that I got the chance to be a part of this historic event.

Sudheera me and RMS


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