Auto generated form to OCR module in SAHANA

SAHANA system is mainly focus on providing an infrastructure in organizing an catering to relief activities during a disaster situation. When it comes to managing and recording details of people who got affected by any of the disasters ( it could be either natural or due to human involvement), the system has a very effective mechanism to track down the details of all parties.

Last Google Summer of Code SAHANA under LSF offered challenging project ideas that fulfills some of the requirements and enhance its functionality. Out of them very important module was the Optical Character Recognition module. With that it gives the functionality to the system to update the records directly by submitting a form in the digital form. At the moment system doesn’t have a direct mechanism to output the web forms directly from the system to the user when the user clicks on File > Print. So during these days I’m researching on a method using the CSS to convert the web form directly into the format that the OCR module can read. If we look at the beauty of CSS it gives the web developer the freedom to format the web page according to output format (screen, project, handheld, etc) he/she wants. In brief I’m trying to develop the print stylesheet for the system that can directly outputs the OCR friendly form to the users.

Currently I’m experiencing some problems in find a way to include the markers at the four corners of the page which is an essential thing with OCR module because it mainly depends on those markers to locate the content to be read and use another marker in between to identify the correct layout of the page. As a way out I experiment on placing an image having four black squares on four corners as the background of ahtml div element and according to the normal convention with CSS(with printable version) it makes the background images not to visible.


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