What drives me to join SAHANA

It has been nearly two and half months passed since I stared my industrial training session at Lanka Software Foundation under the project SAHANA, it’s a humanitarian disaster management project which comes in hand when managing a disaster situation and to my knowledge it has been used at several disaster locations that occurred after the Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster in 26th December 2004. The initial ground work and most of the development in the project has done by distinguish IT professionals who has a passionate to Free & Open Source Software in Sri Lanka.

I heard about this project when I was in my first year thought a senior of mine at the faculty who is a founding member of the project. During that time I was so curious about it and had a chat with some of my friends about contributing to the project. Everybody agreed that we should go ahead with it. During that time I had no idea what we were going to do. So we had a chat and fixed a date go and meet the project administrator, Chamindra and went to meet him to the main development lab which located at UCSC.

As a start we visited a Tsunami refugee camp at Ambalangoda and had a chat with most of the people including victims and other government officials, and it helped us to collect valuable information for our mission. But unfortunately that was all we managed to do, and due to various reasons we could not continue it any further. So I told to myself that some how I’ll contribute to this project in my coming years and here I am working with the SAHANA crew. Last couple of weeks everybody is very busy with preparing for the stable release of the system before the Christmas and it was achieved on 20th December 2007. The life at LSF is so pleasing and the people are so friendly and helpful. Though the stay is very short I’m learning many things and having an enjoyable time.


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