Laptop Mission for Kids

One Laptop per ChildThere is a big boost in the community about One Laptop per Child project these days, and this is a great and a valuable gift given to children who doesn’t have opportunity to have their hand on a computer because the world we live is evolving very rapidly that if we don’t meet up with it, it’s most likely that you are gone. If you don’t know how to operate a computer you finds yourself deserted from the rest of the world because life ahead is mainly based on them. So this gives them an opportunity to keep you updated with the current basic requirements.
Nicholas Negroponte is a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab and is founder and chairman of the One Laptop per Child project. From November 12 to November 26 you can buy one and donate one (GIGI) for a child in the third world country for $400 but this offer is only available in USA and Canada. Currently there are several countries that has shown their interest towards this project.
Let me talk bit more about the technical side regarding OLPC. It has a 433MHz AMD processor which is x86 complaint and 256Mb of system memory. And for the secondary memory it has a 1Gb flash drive. It’s OS is based on Fedora and since it is FOSS you can install any application on it that supports Fedora but the only problem is its limited storage capacity. Its has some cool features built into it, such as a camera,WiFi networking capability with mesh networking are some of them.


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