Life at School days and Varsity

Life at school was very simple and with less responsibilities apart form getting through the end term exams because our father was very strict on them, and at the end of every term my brother and I go to see our grandparents at Hingurakgoda situated near Polonnaruwa, and it is a five hour journey from Kandy, a place which is famous among local and foreign visitors for its valuable ancient monuments. The main reason that took us there because of the freedom we had to do what ever we want and our grandparents loved us very much that they waited for our arrival at their place with all sorts of fruits and foods, and if by any chance if we failed or got delayed to get their during our vacations they were very upset.

At my grandparents place there is a huge paddy field and a stream going near their premises. So those are the most attractive things to us those days because we didn’t had any of those near our house. Most of the days we wakeup early in the morning and go to the paddy field with our grandfather to see what sort of work going on there. I sometimes take part in some of the activities happening in the paddy field, such as plowing, planting paddy, removing unwanted plants etc with the assistant of the workers that work under my grandparents. During the tea breaks I enjoy a fresh drink of king coconut with them. And when the lunch time is nearing we go to the stream flowing next to the paddy field to have a bath. I spend a long time in there catching fish and doing all sorts of funny events with my brother. My grandparents rarely scold us unless if there is a very serious thing that we have done.

My grandfather is a good business man having a paddy field, a rice mill, lorries and a shop. My grandmother is another wonderful person that I have met in my life. Everyday she used to make us different kinds of delicious food that I have never tasted. It was a some kind of a thrilling experience that I will never forget in my life. Unfortunately my grandfather got passed away while I was studying at grade 10. During his latter days he suffered from Kidney failure and had to hospitalize him weekly to clean the blood and it was a very painful experience for him. But after my G.C.E. (O/L) exams most of activities got changed (like visiting my grandparents) because I had to put more efforts on my higher studies. I got through my G.C.E. (A/L) exam to enter into the university and I it was the time to say good bye to my school.

I had to wait for nearly one year to get into the university after sitting for the G.C.E. (A/L) exam because the opportunity is very limited out here. During this period I worked at Informatics Information Systems, though the stay was a small period I had a very enjoyable time with them. I got myself selected to follow the degree course in Information Technology at University of Moratuwa. I started my chapter at university after our Sinhala and Tamil New Year, at the beginning of May 2005. The first day at university I was bit scared but I had one of my classmate following a Engineering course, so I had a little advantage over that. During the first few days life was comfortable because it was the first time I spent leaving my parents and the life at boarding place is not that pleasing.

In our batch of 104 there are students representing all the districts except one. It gave me a chance to understand how various people see the world and to experience their way of life. There are some students that used the Sinhala differently from the way we pronounce and express our ideas on daily things. I saw that difference mainly with the students that came from the Southern part of Sri Lanka. Most of the time the lecturers were so boring because most of the lecturers were so serious about what they taught (no jokes in between at all) but there were few occasions in between.

There is student movement, which is called “INTECS” having its slogan “It happens!” but everybody tells it “Nothing happens” but I have to agree on that to a certain extent and major reason I see why it got it like that because we have to take seven or eight modules per semester in order to meet up with the required credits so the people are busy with their course work. During the second year I had a chance to get involved in an IT awareness program. It was a two day workshop, where fifteen of us Our Team went to remote school at southern part of Sri Lanka, and we were accompanied by a team from Virtusa and it was a memorable experience for all of us. During the same period year I started a library in the faculty and managed to collect 700 odd books covering most of the course materials, fictions, novels, etc and I must mentioned that several people helped me on this, there was this lecturer an Australian who taught us Software Engineering, Mrs. Debora Mackan Markar helped me a lot.

During the latter part of my second year got an opportunity to work in a Web Designing and Development company called VESESS co founded by one of my senior. I worked there until recently on part time basis, and currently I’m working at LSF under the project SAHANA a FOSS disaster management project as an intern. I have my interests towards FOSS and the place where I work currently do really helped me to fulfill them.


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  1. deco said,

    November 22, 2007 at 6:03 am

    Hey pal . Nice work. Keep it up. Add some of your expertise on the CSS side as well.

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